The Journey Begins

I believe growing up in California makes one especially conscious of the environment, with an overabundance of natural spaces and place at our fingertips. This means the environment has always been an underlying love and concern of mine. As a newer resident of Chicago, I am delighted by the amount of organizations in the Midwest that are environmentally focused. I would love to use my research and writing skills, honed during my master’s program at the University of Chicago, to advance the efforts of such an organization. For that reason, I have started to blog about environmental concerns and topics of my new home in Chicago as I see them from an outside perspective.

The sources of inspiration for my blog posts will come from volunteer experiences with the Chicago Park District, Cook County Forest Preserve, Shedd Aquarium, Alliance for the Great Lakes, and so on; what I notice and observe as a resident of Chicago; and the books I read about the region’s environmental issues.


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