Rising Tides

Though my family lives in Sacramento, I spent this past Christmas at the beach in Ventura. While there, the parking lot of the hotel we were staying at flooded. While the rain that night was heavy, it was surping just how much the parking lot flooded. Spending time at the Pacific Ocean, I was reminded… Continue reading Rising Tides

Western Water

Living in Chicago means that Lake Michigan is my water supply (and the Chicago River carries my used water to the Mississippi River and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico). If you had asked me where my water came from while living in Sacramento or Monterey, California, truthfully, I’m not sure what I would have… Continue reading Western Water

Touring the Chicago River Watershed

April 1st I began a new career as Policy Specialist with Friends of the Chicago River, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the health of the Chicago River for people and wildlife. Policy research doesn't require much work in the field, so I jumped at the opportunity to tag along with our Conservation Programs Specialist Maggie… Continue reading Touring the Chicago River Watershed

More on the World of Recycling

During the month of January, I learned a lot about recycling in Chicago. I first learned about recycling Christmas trees, the theme of my January Post. Then I attended an Environmental Chicago Industry event where the theme was… recycling! Two individuals who work for Independent Recycling Services, a privately-owned waste and recycling company, came to… Continue reading More on the World of Recycling

Chicago Turns Christmas Trees into Mulch

While visiting California for the holidays, I noticed some eager folks kicking their tree to the burb December 26th. In the Sacramento neighborhood that my mom and step dad have lived in for the past few years, I’ve always known you can leave your Christmas tree (I absolutely want to be culturally sensitive, but do… Continue reading Chicago Turns Christmas Trees into Mulch