Non-Native Species

As I continue to examine environmental issues, particularly related to cities, I now turn to the contentious topic of invasive species. Like most folks, I had heard occasional horror stories about a species of plant or animal invading an area, wiping out existing species, and costing a great deal to prevent further invasion and mitigate… Continue reading Non-Native Species

Adapting to City Living

Next up in the urban wildlife series is the ways in which certain species are adapting to the urban environment. Pre-adaptation and plasticity Plants and animals are able to adapt to unfamiliar or challenging conditions of the city in a few different ways, and it’s not necessarily a slow, time-intensive process to get them up… Continue reading Adapting to City Living

Urban Wildlife (part two)

Last post I introduced the theme of what will be a series exploring urban wildlife. While “urban wildlife” may seem like a contradictory phrase, human behaviors attract flora and fauna, intentionally and unintentionally, to our cities. When we invite more open and green spaces into our concrete jungle, more species can thrive alongside us, and… Continue reading Urban Wildlife (part two)